LOCATION: Trakiskiai village
AUTHORS: G.Vieversys, G. Vieversyte
Recreational (cognitive) trails are designed next to the rural tourism homestead, in the forest – in a relief area, which is extremely rare in Suwalki, on the plains – so that the guests of the homestead can relax in the forest and admire the views. As the forest grows on a sufficiently steep slope, recreational trails are designed at the edges of the forest and in the middle of it – thus creating a geometric network of trails throughout the forest area. The footpaths are designed from 2.0 meters wide of granite chippings and wooden boards – in spacious forest areas, the trails turn into observation decks with spectacular views of the landscape. In order to maximally preserve the naturalness of the forest, to adapt it to a large flow of visitors, a dense network of paths has been designed – thus creating an opportunity to walk around the forest without destroying its deck; by dividing the forest into certain geometric parts, an integral ecological-architectural object is created. At the same time, the trails conveniently connect the functionally important places of the homestead (rest and observation areas, the central entrance of the building). Wooden stairs are designed to climb a slope – straight broken lines between a forest of coniferous trees.

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