LOCATION: Naujoji Akmene
AUTHORS: G. Vieversys, S. Vilute
The public area is divided into 2 functional zones: recreational – natural and representational – city square. Both zones are separated with a busy republic street and do not participate in a life and creation of a common public space. This project was offering to restrict the street traffic and strengthen the valuable uninterrupted functioning of public space by joining these two zones. 
The sculptural composition, which is made from mosaic concrete, was designed in the city square and represents the character and singularity of ‘Naujoji Akmene‘ industrial cluster. The composition of broken concrete planes is a dialog of light, greenery and concrete. It shines and its rays reaches the recreational zone that merges it into one compositional structure. The surface of the concrete structure is engraved with the most important city dates, the most meaningful events to eternalize it.
The green zone is very important in the creation of the city‘s urbanistic green carcass’ uninterrupted whole as in the creation of the public space structure. The structure of the park paths partly repeats the scheme of the existing, time-proved paths. However, there appears some additional directions that participate in the whole urbanistic composition of the public space. New cosy relaxation spaces are designed in the structure of the new paths. It reveals the concrete topic which repeats as inclusions of the main square‘s composition. 

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